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What is the Brytemoore Notes?

In our work, we spend time with inspired and inspiring leaders, each of whom is trying to have a lasting impact on the world around them. If you’ve landed on this site, chances are you fit that description. Chances are, too, that you appreciate candid discussions and practical observations.

On the pages of the Brytemoore Notes, we offer a glimpse into a series of compelling conversations we’ve had with smart, mindful leaders about important and complex problems. Our hope is that we’ll convey the insight and sense of potential that come out of the meaningful talks with peers we all take so much from, but rarely find time to have.

The idea behind the Notes is straightforward, if not simple to pull off. For each article, we choose a difficult question, the kind of substantial question that doesn’t usually get asked, and sit down with a small set of respected leaders for fireside chats—back-and-forths in which we challenge them and they challenge us.

We begin with research and an opening question, and then we go where the conversation takes us. Sometimes the talks are expansive, covering enormous ground. Sometimes they’re quite narrowly focused on a specific idea that captures us. But they’re always fascinating.

Afterward, we look back and ask ourselves a straightforward set of questions: What did we hear? What did we learn? What did we keep coming back to in the days and weeks that followed? What seems meaningful? And then we share that with you. 

In a world that often bends toward the cynical and the cursory, these discussions—and our reflections on them afterward—have reinforced for us the powerful nuance of story, the importance of experience, and the disproportionate impact we see when individuals, organizations, and societies go beyond words to demonstrate their beliefs.


David Garrison







David’s work draws on a unique range of accomplishments: He’s advised CEOs on brand and strategy, taken portraits in war-torn Sri Lanka, led marketing for healthcare, consulting, and music companies, and published a print-only magazine that’s capturing the attention of leaders around the world. 


Named a “Brand Champion of the Future,” David’s perspective on the ways we impact the people and world around us is personal and deeply compelling. Respected for his candid and empathetic approach, he's inspired leaders and groups at Columbia University, Canada’s MaRS Discovery District, the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians, and countless companies. He draws on insight into how organizations build momentum as well as in-depth conversations with wise people as diverse as princes and priests, government and corporate leaders, educators and entrepreneurs.


As founder of the Brytemoore Group and editor of the Brytemoore Notes, a limited-run print journal for leaders, David combines research, strategy, story, and experience to help leaders transform their brands—and themselves—with humanity and optimism. In his work and talks, he focuses on practical ways of building meaning and the importance of doing as well as saying.

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